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Prooptiki has been offering accounting services to businesses for more than 40 years. Our clients, companies and organizations, operate in Greece, are mostly engaged in tourism, constructions, hotels, wholesale and retail commerce.

Through its long-standing partnerships with businesses of all scales and from different industries, our team members can rapidly conceive the specific characteristics of every single company.

The financial and accounting services provided are tailored to the specific needs of each organization, always focusing on business stability and growth.

The organization and optimal operation of the accounting department of a company – in compliance with the legislation in force –is the determining factor for such company’s course and can protect it from any risks that may arise. The data obtained through modern accounting is an important source of information for managers and helps them make strategic business decisions.

Prooptiki has the necessary expertise to organize and comprehensively support accounting departments of all kinds of businesses. Its objective is to optimize results and effectively manageresources (cost – time – human resources), which ensure the growth and sustainability of any business.

Accounting services to legal entities

  • Bookkeeping and full supervision of accounting departments
  • On site provision of services
  • Mydata management
  • Reporting
  • Preparation of budgets, financial statements, cash flows
  • Consulting on the accounting department organization
  • Consulting, accounting services and management services to institutes undertaking the implementation of co-funded and NSRF projects
  • Preparation of financial statements, balance sheets – profit and loss accounts, based on the applicable Greek GAAP and the IFRS
  • Submission of financial statements to the Greek Business Registry and the Bank of Greece
  • Monthly result analysis and drawing of financial policy

Our advantages

  • Organization and supervision of accounting departments by qualified and well experienced accountants
  • Customized solutions to all accounting issues
  • Direct response and delivery of projects within specified timelines
  • Prompt adaptation to all new regulations and rules imposed by tax authorities

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