Consulting Services

The increasing demands in the modern business environment have turned financial reporting into a major challenge for businesses. There is one objective: to maximize profit and to achieve the best possible financial results.

The in-depth understanding of the risks inherent in every activity, combined with the proper implementation of business models, are important factors which create a comparative advantage and guarantee successful reform of the company’s structures.

Prooptiki possesses the experience, the knowledge and the methodology needed in order to assist modern businesses on a daily basis. Our consulting department, joined by personnel specialized in various sectors of the economy, provides tailored consulting services. Our members, equipped with deep awareness and decades of experience in large and small businesses of all kinds, have the ability to effectively meet your consulting needs.

  • Consultation on mergers, conversions, and acquisitions of companies
  • Spin-off consulting
  • Due diligence
  • Cost analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Business organization
  • Support participation in public and funding projects

Our advantages

  • Development of a trustworthy relation with our clients, jointly aiming at the growth of each business
  • Cooperation with large and credible auditing agencies and law firms for the provision of specialized consultation
  • Provision of prompt and integrated solutions

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