Transfer Pricing

For taxpayers, the documentation of transfer pricing is a high-risk area of compliance in line with their overall tax audit strategy, having due regard to the detailed audit of Tax Authorities.

Documentation of the arm’s length principle for transactions carried-out between affiliated entities, which may often operate in different jurisdictions, has become one of the most critical issues in the field of international taxation.

Transfer pricing documentation has turned into a point of concern for more and more businesses.

With great experience in tax audits and targeted audits for transfer pricing, Prooptiki runs an internal department for transfer pricing documentation, staffed with qualified tax consultants with the exclusive objective of providing continuous support to its clients.

Transfer Pricing Services

  • Support for documenting cross-border and domestic transfer pricing
  • Support within the framework of transfer pricing tax audits
  • Preparation of the Summarized Table of Transfer Pricing Information
  • Country by Country reporting (CBC)
  • Compliance assessment of existing transfer pricing documentation files

Our advantages

  • Identification and confrontation of tax risks, in order to best use the opportunities provided by law
  • Experience in specialized transfer pricing audits
  • Experience in reviewing comparative data of companies of similar scope and scale

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