Our Company

Prooptiki was established as an accounting firm back in 1984; today, it is one of the most successful companies in the economic sector, providing consultation on accounting-tax and payroll issues.

Prooptiki’s success is based on personal relations with clients, prompt response for addressing any problem that may arise, provision of high-quality services, ongoing training and specialization of our members and partners. For forty years, we have been evolving at the same strong pace, always providing services and solutions to clients in and out of Greece, so that their businesses successfully adapt to the current, demanding and constantly changing economic environment.


Prooptiki’s clientele lists a wide range of economic sectors, such as tourism, hotels, commerce, service provision, IT, telecom, real estate management etc.

Taking into consideration the needs, not only of the market but also of the businesses for customized payroll services, Prooptiki has established an independent payroll department in the last 15 years. The department is staffed with highly qualified professionals, emphasizing on this specific subject matter within an ongoingly changing environment.

For accommodating its human resources, best using its technological equipment and meeting its operating needs in general, the company is located at Mitropoleos street, in the heart of the city of Athens.

The criterion for selecting the above offices is that our clients may have their needs served in the best possible way and our personnel may easily access their workplace.

Philosophy – Vision – Goals

Supporting the accounting department of a new-age business does not simply need an accountant who shall analyze and record accounting data. It requires for an accountant, who stands by the businessman, provides credible information, gives advice and comes up with solutions to the challenges which may arise, thus being a key player in decision-making.

The philosophy behind Prooptiki has been structured and developed on the basis of focusing on the needs of each business, responding in a direct and frank manner to our clients demands, fully respecting their corporate culture and best utilizing our personnel’s know-how and skills.

Our objective is to remain one of the leading Greek companies, offering accounting – tax – financial & consulting services of exquisite quality both to businesses and individuals.

Having embraced the changes of the modern world, diversity becomes a key factor in our corporate “culture”, recognizing the benefits arising from working with people of different gender identity, race, nationality and sexual orientation.

Our vision is for our clients to correlate our company with professionalism, directness, consistency, effectiveness and transparency. The vision of Prooptiki’s people is to unfailingly evolve and preserve the team spirit among our members.