Accounting Services

Focusing on innovation – Keeping up with developments in economy – Proposing tried-and-true solutions to grow your business – Meeting your needs.

For more than 40 years, we have been specializing in the provision of tax and accounting services to companies, in all business fields or sizes.

Tax Planning

Promptly identifying opportunities for business growth, taking into advantage the tax incentives provided by the applicable legal framework.

An effective tax strategy may help your business reduce its tax burden and improve its performance at the same time, a condition which will allow you to grow successfully.

Payroll Services

Effectively supporting businesses in the fields of payroll management and application of labor law.

Our payroll department adopts new technologies, adapts to constantly changing market conditions, provides solutions to clients, having gained the trust of international payroll service providers and human resource management companies.

Consulting Services

Supporting your business plans.

Armed with our long-lasting experience in consulting, we provide businesses with the necessary knowledge and support on a daily basis. Our consulting personnel are specialized invarious fields of economy, provide customized consulting services, closely cooperate with clients, review current conditions thoroughly, identify the needs and propose solutions to boost business performance and competitiveness.

Global Mobility

Be confident and take advantage of international business opportunities. We provide hands-on advice for your international strategy & for the best utilization of your human resources.

Prooptiki provides individualized consulting and payroll services to businesses whose activities involve expats – shadow payroll. In the years of globalization, the relocation/expatriation of personnel is a frequent, yet demanding procedure, which requires proper guidance, both to the company and to the individual /employee, especially in the case of senior executives.

Our Team

Our team is joined by experienced and specialized professionals, with long and successful experience in Greek companies and groups activated in all business fields. Also, our members have there quired know-how for addressing all kinds of financial, accounting and tax issues, as well as for managing the payroll of Greek and international businesses and organizations.

Always aiming at the prompt and high-quality service of our clients by our experienced team members and partners, Prooptiki pays special attention to their ongoing training, driven by the developments in the Greek and foreign markets.


Greece is considered as an amazing place to live and work and is fast becoming a favorite base for expats.

The follows categories for the payment of the monthly SS contributions for freelancers and self-employed individuals.

According to the new law , the purchaser is no longer jointly liable with the seller for all the previous taxes from ENFIA , inheritance or gift tax corresponding to the Real Estate property.