Global mobility services

In recent years, following the global trend of personnel relocation, our payroll department provides specialized consultation and payroll services related to expatriate employees (Expats – Shadow payroll).

Relocation/ expatriation of personnel is an issue which requires proper guidance, both for the business and the individual/employee, especially for senior executives. These specialized cases are jointly treated by Prooptiki’s payroll and tax departments.

In particular, we provide the following services:

  • Services to expats for domestic clients who wish to have their employees expatriated to another country, taking advantage of international partnerships
  • Services to foreign clients for having their personnel working in Greece
  • Consulting before/during relocation of expatriate personnel
  • Consulting when expatriate personnel leave Greece
  • Review of tax residence issues
  • Tax residence transfer services
  • Payroll services & cost forecasting
  • Tax with holding review services
  • Mitigation and management of international complications in the tax profile of your business
  • Insurance consulting
  • Hypothetical tax review and tax balance review
  • Services for the issuance of Tax Identification Number /VAT Number (AFM) / SocialSecurity Number (AMKA) / Social Security Institute Record Number (AMIKA) & European Citizen Card

Our advantages

  • Provision of high-quality services
  • Experience and immediate response to our client’s queries
  • Direct cooperation with the payroll & tax departments of each business

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