Tax Planning

In the modern business environment, tax planning and tax strategies should be an integral part of the overall management strategy of a company. An effective strategy may not only help your company reduce its tax burden and optimize its net profit but also allow it to grow effectively.

Prooptiki has the expertise to identify the opportunities that may arise.

Proper tax planning is a concern for those having income from multiple sources or for large real estate owners, who have to decide where it would be best to invest.

Prooptiki knows well that any businessman, regardless of the scale of their company, seeks to avoid tax risks and at the same time to take advantage of the business opportunities provided by tax provisions when combined with the tax incentives they provide.

Our company’s tax advisors analyze each client’s case individually, contributing with their knowledge to the corresponding tax planning based on the information provided.

For all entities, the objective remains the same: maximum contribution to the stabilization and growth of your business.

  • Audit of previous years and good standing of the business
  • Use of the tax benefits provided by development laws
  • Analysis of tax liabilities and tax provisions
  • Tax planning for business mergers
  • Monitoring of cash flows to ensure profit-making and tax limitation for your company

Our advantages

  • Protection against tax risks
  • Provision of targeted and tailored tax planning services
  • Application of the tax laws in favor of your business

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